3,5% Over Generations 2

In the second part of the exhibition series 3.5% Over Generation, two younger Poc artists are shown. April Lin 林森 and Linda Sestrajcic.

In this exhibition, we explore through the artists’ work, what is a body with all its shortcomings, perfections and challenges. Who has the privilege of rest and recovery? What is the body in today’s society, a product that should produce and consume or part of something bigger? Is it a political statement to let your mind and body rest?

In April Lin 林森’s video work R_Rest (2019), we are invited on a journey with the artist and they’s friends were they reflect on what is rest, who has the right to rest and whom feels guilty about rest. Is rest a political action? This is the first episode in a series of video work An A-Z of Imagining a Better World that April creates. In the series, they creates a film every year based on a word that starts with a letter in the English alphabet.

“When I visited Braziers Park in the summer of 2019, it was a much-needed reminder of how fundamentally important it is to rest. To take a break or distance oneself from the rapid constant pressure that capitalistic everyday life puts on one. “

In Linda Sestrajcic’s photo installation Nike Women (2019), she portrays different women’s bodies and the pains they carry with a poetic warmth, both as individuals and as a collective. For a long time she has collaborated and followed the women’s association Nike women, a group of disabled women. In Linda’s second work in the exhibition, House of Water (2020), she has been following a group of women that regularly practices aqua aerobics for rehabilitation and caring of their bodys. The work has an transparent effect, it changes with the light and are perceived differently depending on what angle the viewer is watching from. A suggestive expression arises when the images shine through each other by doing so it creates something new.


10 Feb – 28 Aug / 2022



About the artists

April Lin 林森

April Lin 林森 (b. 1996, Stockholm — they/them) is an artist-filmmaker investigating image-making  as a site for the construction, sustenance, and dissemination of co-existent yet conflicting truths. April Lin 林森 uses video as a self-reflexive and cathartic tool, interweaving strands of auto-biography, world-building, documentary, performance, and the post-Internet, topped off with an inevitable garnish consisting of the other matters dialoguing with their brain and heart during the making process of each piece. Uniting their genre-fluid body of work is a commitment to centring oppressed knowledges, building an ethics of collaboration around reciprocal care, and exploring the linkages between history, memory, and interpersonal and structural trauma. Their films have been shown and screened at: HOME, Beijing International Short Film Festival, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, NOWNESS Asia.

Artis Talk with April Lin 林森

Artist talk will be published, 24 feb 2022

The talk will be held in Swedish

Linda Sestrajcic (b. 1989, Malmö)

Linda Sestrajcic (b. 1989, Malmö) Is a photo and video artist. Linda’s work is documentary and exploration based, where social relations have a central role in the artistic design. The works consist of multi-layered documentation of human fate. In her work, the documentary and the imaginary meet, together they create an open pictorial language that contains existential, social and bodily issues. Linda is educated at the Umeå Academy of the Arts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She has exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts, Galleri Mejan and the Center for Photography in Stockholm, Galleri Poeten on the corner and Galleri Molekyl in Malmö and in the city center of Gävle.

Artis Talk with Linda Sestrajcic

Artis talk will be published at 5pm on the 17 of Feb

The Artist Talk will be held in Swedish

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