MAMI: AMA: MOTHERS is the result of a collective process where 9 artists and cultural workers came together to create an exhibition that illuminates and shapes the mothers’ stories.

We are the children who have witnessed how our mothers’ lives have been torn apart by a labor market with low wages and tiring physical work, mothers who have been thrown out of the system straight into poverty.

Their lives are a reflection of an economic system based on inequality which has contributed to their downfall. As children, we want to break the silence and isolation that surrounded our mothers’ lives. We want to write their stories in history and talk about the strengths, care and declarations of love that moved in silence. “

Among the works, the complex relationships between mother and child, testimonies of mothers who carry on the experience of migration, and the often absurd in the encounter with the various systems of the welfare society are made visible. Here we also get to take part in intimate stories from everyday life which are interspersed with stories that echo through generations. The exhibition shows sculptures, sound works, large-scale and interactive installations, video, a participant-based text work, painting, performance, photography, online works and a construction.Featuring artists and cultural workers:  Macarena Dusant, Sarah Tawiah Svärd, Shiva Anoushirvani, Sonia Sagan, Sara Rad, Emma Dominguez, Leila El Harfaoui, Sarasvati Shrestha and Macarena Cerda.


29 Aug 2020 – 16 Jan 2021

+46 (0) 72 – 596 62 84


Botkyrka konsthall
Fittja Torg 14
S-145 51 Norsborg

Photographs from the opening,
Photographer Sarah Tawiah Svärd