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Artist talk with Alejandro Montero Bravo


Artist talk with Alejandro Montero Bravo, 2023

Alejandro Montero Bravo was born in 1989 in Norrköping, where he also grew up. He is a contemporary artist who works with several different expressions such as: sculptures, paintings and installations. Alejandro carries two cultural heritage as his parents moved from Chile to Sweden. The duality of culture shows in his work thru the way his expressions are breaking the western traditional norm and exploring new ways for different styles to grow. Alejandro has been based in Stockholm for many years, but his work has been showed both internationally and nationally. With his sensational works, both in terms of colour scale and volume, they do not pass by unnoticed. Alejandro’s works arouse curiosity, playfulness and joy, both in the public space and in the more private spaces.

“I make visually loud expressions that all take part of an artistic-political strategy of questioning supremacy, redefining western norms of aesthetics and claiming space while re-appropriating one’s culture.” 

At first glance, the viewer encounters works that surround them with joy, from the choice of materials and colours to the way the works plays with space. But after a deeper analyse, further layers of Alejandro’s work emerge. He often works with themes that challenge the traditional Western view of femininity and masculinity and raises queer theory issues in his works.

Photographer: Matilda Rahm

Exhibition 3,5% at Bångska Våningen, September 2019

Exhibition 3,5% Over Generations, Oktober 2022

Art curator:
Sarah Svärd Tawiah


  • “Medan du väntar”, Stockholms länsmuseum, 2016
  • “Haceiendo Contexto”, Lima, Peru, 2018
  • “Art in the alp”, Youth Biennale, Brixen/bressanonne Italy, 2018
  • “3,5% på Bångska våningen”, Stockholm, 2019
  • Low Gallery, Oslo, Norge, 2019
  • Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, 2019
  • “3,5% Over Generations”, Stockholm, 2022
  • “Embodiment”, Steneby konsthall, 2023

Public works:

  • SL, ”I Wish This Was On My Way To Somewhere”, Stockholm, 2016
  • Södersjukhuset, ”Pink, Yellow, Turquoise”, Stockholm, 2019
  • Järvenskolan, ”Nyanser av oss”, Katrineholm, 2022
  • Kommunhuset, Växjö, ”Abstract Lakes”, Växsjö, 2021
  • Förskolan Tenö, “Rymdlig”, Farsta, Stockholm, 2023
  • Rosengårds bibliotek, ”Mellan Raderna”, Malmö, 2024


  • Gerlesborgsskolan, preparatory art school, 2009-2012
  • Konstfack, bachelor degree, 2015
  • Konstfack, Master degree, 2018


  • Kulturstipendium Stockholms stad, 2020
  • Arbetsstipendum Konstnärsnämden, 2021
  • Vera och Göran Agnekils stipendium, 2021

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