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Artist talk with Ismaila Fatty


Artist talk with Ismaila Fatty, 2023

Ismaila Fatty was born in 1957 in Gambia. Ismaila has lived and worked in Stockholm since the 1990s. His creative journey began in this birth country, where he initially produced textile materials for clothing and home textiles, skills that he brings into his artwork. In 1988, Ismaila immigrated to Sweden, bringing with him a wealth of cultural influences and artistic heritage that are expressed in his artwork. In 2000, Ismaila began to explore his own artistic style, mixing influences from Gambia, Senegal and Sweden.

” Healing Society public perceptions of belief systems that we have gotten accustomed to must shift”

Ismaila is a textile artist whose work pushes the boundaries between traditional crafts and contemporary art. In his sculptural works, he plays with different textile materials such as jute, cotton, and silk. Ismaila uses a Gambian technique called tie-dye, in which he binds, folds and colours these materials with precise accuracy, resulting in three-dimensional works that moves between abstraction and representation. Some of his works hangs from the celing and by doing so it creates a slow harmonious movements that invite the viewer to a safe place where reflection and contemplation can take their time.

Photographer: Sebastian Walden

Art curator:
Sarah Svärd Tawiah


  • 2024 Cultural Centre with SouthNord
  • 2024 SouthNord
  • 2014 Dakar Biennial
  • 2010 Mobile Art Centre, Structure
  • 2010 Burkina Design, Shields for peace
  • 2007 Husby konsthall Husby – Dakar
  • 2007 Bredäng church, Shields for peace
  • 2006 Sigtuna museum, Shields for Peace
  • 2006 Väsby konsthall, Shields for Peace
  • 2006 Falun museum, Shields for Peace
  • 2005 Kista & konst, Shields for Peace lecture: Momodou Sidibeh
  • 2004 Husby konsthall, Spiritual Resurrection
  • 2004 Kista church, Seven Times Africa
  • 2004 Rydal Museum, Happy Africa
  • 2004 Oscars church, Initiation
  • 2004 Multicultural Centre, Kara Bulo
  • 2003 Gallery Angel Lund, Kara Bulo
  • 2003 Konstnärsbyn hyltebruk, Kara Bulo
  • 2002 Kulturhuset Stockholm, Kara Bulo
  • 2001 Konsthörnan, Three African Artists
  • 1998 World Tent Galärparken, Kara Bulo

Workshops och classes:

  • 2009 Running the ABF Salon’s exhibition activities in Sundbyberg
  • 2008 A series of workshops in collaboration with ABF and Umeå Bildmuseet in; Umeå, Lycksele and Skellefteå
  • 2007 Husby Crafts Association in co-operation with the adult school
  • 2006 Sigtuna Museum, a weekend course and teaching about the knotting technique, Monniol- medmänniskor
  • 2006 Falun Museum, lecture and workshop during the exhibition shields for peace
  • 2006 Adult school, 6 times teaching in co-operation with Husby hantverkshus association
  • 2005 African Cultural Festival in Malmö – workshop during the cultural festival
  • 2004 Sveriges Hemslöjdsföreningen, seminar and course in several occasions
  • 2004 Kista Church, workshop during the cultural festival7xAfrika
  • 2004 Gothenburg School of Design and Crafts (HDK)
  • 2004 Multicultural Centre, workshop during the exhibition “kara bulo”
  • 2003 Handarbetets Vänners, workshop in co-operation with Giuliana Gabbanelli
  • 2003 Beckmans School of Design, teaching of the 58-year-old
  • 1997 Ethnographic Museum in co-operation with Afrikagrupperna


  • 1975 – 1982 Textile crafts – textile centre Dippa kunda, Gambia


  • 2003 Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Labour Scholarship
  • 2003 Friends of Arts and Crafts
  • 1999 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Labour Scholarship
  • 1999 Cultural Administration

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