Artist talk with Saadia Hussain, 2023

Saida Hussain is a Stockholm based in Stockholm artist, art educator and art activist she was born in 1973 in Lahore. Through her work, she wants to create and share tools that can help people tap in to their creativity side. The creative process has been an important tool in her own life; to explore, question, create and share.

Being born in Pakistan and raised in Sweden, she carries a duality within her, of her homeland and her motherland. In her work she comments on themes like, home and identity, losing and finding, about the longing for belonging. Her expression often consists of patterns and shapes that are broken up to create new forms, from smaller works to large-scale murals.

“Saadia carries a duality within her, her homeland and her motherland. The themes she touches on in her art revolve around home and identity, about losing and finding, about the longing for belonging.”

Saadia has been working as an artist, educator and activist since 2009. She has created several public works, participated in art projects around the world and works at the Mångkultur centrum in Fittja, Sweden. Her work communicate the current shifts in the world.

“She illustrates the link between class and creativity and the effect of it. Through her activism and art, she connects people and creates processes where community and the collective power of art unite and change spaces and attitudes. She wants to make more complex and multi-layered narratives available to the public in public spaces”

In this way, she makes the complex and multi-layered narratives that are too rarely found in the public space visible.


  • Solo utställning “POWER PAIN PLEASURE”. – Alingsås konsthall – 2022 
  • Samlingsutställning “3,5% OVER GENERATIONS PART 4, REGENERATION OVER GENERATIONS” – Ateljé SKHLM – 2023 
  • Solo utställning “MAKING AND BREAKING PATTERNS” – KonstHall Meken – 2023 
  • Samlingsutställning – “SPÅR AV LIV, SPÅR AV TID”- Avesta Art Verket – 2023
  • Samlingsutställning – Träden de tala- “DET HELIGA I DIG OCH MIG…” – Hospitalet i Ulleråker, Uppsala – 2023  
  • Samlingsutställning DET INNERSTA RUMMET – Performance verk/ platsspecifikt verk – VALSTAKONST 2024 
  • Samlingsutställning – WALSALONG – “VI SER..” Uppsala Aukionskammare – 2024 

Public works of art

  • IT TAKES A MUSCLE TO FEEL LOVE – IFU arena – Uppsala 2022 
  • BOKPALATS – Biblioteksbuss – Enköping 2022 
  • KOLLEKTIV KONST- Lendahlskolan – Alingsås – 2022 
  • VI MÖTS – Muralmålning –  Margretelunds fritidsgård – Lidköping – 2022 
  • GO GO ZONES – Scenografi till Community dans – Sörmlandsregionen – 2023 
  • FITTJAS FAMILJ – kollektiv muralmålning – Konstkuben i Regnbågsparken i Fittja  Stockholm – 2023 
  • I SEE YOU THROGH ME – Platsspecifikt verk till Verket – Avesta – 2023 


  • 2003 – 2009 • Konstfack, Stockholm
  • 1999 • National college of Arts, Lahore
  • 1993 – 1994 • Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm
  • 1992 – 1993 • Medborgarskolans Konstskola, Stockholm

Saadia Hussain

Part of the exhibition 3,5%
Over Generations in February 2023

Art curator:
Sarah Svärd Tawiah

With the support of: