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Alejandro Montero Bravo

Born and raised in Norrköping and has since 2009 attended preparatory art schools, followed by a bachelor’s (2015) and master’s (2018) in free art from Konstfack in Stockholm.
Since his Master’s degree, he have created public works for both the City of Stockholm at Södersjukhuset and in Växjö’s new town hall, he have also participated in several exhibitions in Sweden and internationally, among others “Art in the Alps, Youth Biennale 2018” in the Alps.
He has also received scholarships from various institutions, including the City of Stockholm Culture Scholarship 2020, Work Scholarship 2021 – Swedish Arts Grants Committee, and “Vera and Göran Agnekil’s Scholarship for Young Artists 2021” via/through the Academy of Fine Arts.

In all of Montero Bravos works, material, spaciousness and symbolism are always a starting point. He works by distorting coded materials and object. The goal is to increase the value of the material and make room for queer theoretical questions while he highlight the feminine attributes in aesthetics that are otherwise, all too often, pushed aside in favor for the masculine attributes that govern the aesthetics of the art scene.
The unembellished, minimalistic and deconstructed needs contrasting, to create a fair overall picture of our time and history. Through his art, he works to create and reinforce an image of femininity whose purpose is not to appear weak in contrast to the masculine strong, a sumptuous femininity that is about strength, pride and seductive splendor.