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Supermarket 2019 – satellite


“Tipping point”, “threshold”, “breaking point” – aims towards the possibility that we might be crossing the point of no return, were we will face a world which is beyond our collective knowledge.

Opening and  press preview Friday the 29 Mars 17-20 pm

Lars Brunström

Stina Stigell

Anna Ting Möller


Can we bring tenderness with us to the next phase? And nutrition? And how will it progress, maintain itself? TEGEN2 invites you to an exhibition that unites the monkey, the crow, packaging, fragments and words of nutrition. Both repellent and inviting, beautiful and perversely – elusive – intangible and even slimy.

We breed tenderness.

Art curators: Gunilla Sköld Feiler och Sarah Tawiah Svärd

TEGEN 2 – exhibition space, project place and stage – spanning from art, sound and music to readings and political actions, since 2006. Seeking the burning/turning point in a multi field of expressions and techniques.

Öppettider: fredag – söndag 13-17 – Bjurholmsg. 9b, T-bana Skanstull

Mobile phone: +46 702855777, +46 707161923