3,5% on Short Film Day 2019

At the short films day the 21 of December 2019, Tawiah Art curating & consulting is curating an event on the theme 3,5% and Selfcare. On the darkest day of the year, we will focus on self-care to energise our bodies and mental health.

17 – 21 Short films by Christian Quinteros Soto
His films encourage you to selfcare. As a body activist and artist, Christian raises the importance of indulging yourself and to take care of your body in an encouraging wa

17 – 20 video work by April Lin
Title: R:Rest
Time: 12,44 min
The film encourages us to rest. During the most hectic time of Christmas, the slow pace in the video work gives us viewers an opportunity to find a temporary rest. The film also raises the question if rest is a privilege not everyone can afford. The visitors are given time to think. Rest and reflect.


20.00 interactive performance (pre-registration is required)

The two separate spaciousness will give the visitors inspiration, thought and reflection on self care, both physically and mentally. April Lin’s piece is shown in the inner room,  the room is filled with yoga matts, pillows, and blankets. The lighting is softened to give the visitor a chance to reflect over rest and at the same time actively rest.

In the front room, light and energy flourish, where the visitor can experience a preppy atmosphere.

Cristian Quintero’s Soto work inspires the visitor to a rewarding and positive way to treat themselves to self-care. There, the room will be filled with wonderful aromas that bring your mind to a spa, where we can exchange advice on self care.




Tegen2, Bjursholmsgatan 9b, Södermalm

Time: 17 – 21

Cost: This event is free of charge

Beverages will be on sale during the evening.