3.5% Over Generations part 1

In this exhibition, 3,5% Over Generations, we exhibit art works from one older schooled  and one younger schooled POC-artist. Through their  artistry Through their artistry, we show a width across a generational change in contemporary art. In this exhibition series, we also give the artists an opportunity to meet in their art and let these meetings create something new.

In the first exhibition we show the contemporary artist Alejandro Montero Bravo and the poet/artist Tecnicalitet.

The theme for the exhibition is masculinity. What does masculinity mean?  What is masculine and to whom and what is it attributed? How has the perception and meaning of the masculine changed? In the works, the masculine breaks up with the feminine.


05-11-2020 / 06-12-2020

Wed-Fri kl 12-18
Sat-Sun kl 12-16
Mon-Sun Closed

Art curator

Sarah Tawiah Svärd

Tecnicalitet, (b1983), is a poet and artist.

Is a two-time Huddinge champion in Poetry Slam- SM, medalist in Poetry Slam SM and finalist in Ortens Bästa Poet. He is currently relised the album Bara Bars in September 2020.

His poetry is signified by wordplay, bars and punchlines where his social criticism and self-reflection penetrates through preconceived notions and leave no one untouched. Among other things, his texts highlight racism, bullying and politics. By mixing stage poetry with music, his Spoken rap has emerged.

Excerps from Vägval (Crossroads):
“Speech that enhances differences between groups are not the antidote. We hope the future delivers freedom, but we become imprisoned by fears when we are fed hatred. No conflict has ever been solved through escalation and polarization, but that is what overwhelms us today. “

Alejandro Montero Bravo

Alejandro Montero Bravo, (b 1989,) is a contemporary artist. He has studied art preparatory classes at Nyckelviken and Gerleborgsskolan. He took his bachelor and Master at Konstfack. Since then he has participated in numerous exhibitions nationally and abroad and received grants for his artistic development.

In Alejandros series Attires, his work is questioning the stereotypical masculine. Proceeding from tires, rims, and tools which he then decorated and reshaped with feminine coded details, his sculptures show a cross boundary masculinity where the older stereotypes no longer have control.

Alejandro’s multifaceted artworks meets the brutal honesty in Tecnicalitet’s spoken word. Through the use of poetry as his expression, Tecnicalitet mixes a soft coded expression with masculine articulation.  With his accurate and sincere pronunciation, he hits the audience straight to the heart.

“On-going project that started in 2015. Reimagining car tires as something else than masculine, referencing how we perceive bodies and how we expect them to act according to the features they were born into.” – Alejandro Montero Bravo

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