3,5% Over Generations part 4

This exhibition series consists of five exhibitions that will take place around Stockholm from autumn 2020 to summer 2023.

Each exhibition will highlight two BIPOC artists, one older- and one younger schooled, where they will meet in their artistic expressions. In a collaborative process, they will have the opportunity to create something new together, such as a workshop, an art piece or a text. This exhibition series is important because it gives space to BIPOC artists working here in Sweden, both fairly new artists and artists that has been working for a long time. By allowing artists to meet across generations, new entrances into the artists’ work are created.

This time, 3.5%* has moved the exhibition space out of the city centre, to locations around Stockholm. We choose to show these exhibitions in places where contemporary art doesn’t always have a given place. We decided to do so so we could meet visitors who may not travel to the inner city so often and the places where contemporary art is usually shown. Representation is important for feeling included, so we believe it is important that BIPOC artists are also shown in places where the population can identify with their expressions and stories. 

Through workshops and conversations, we want to embed and open up the exhibitions to the local community. Invite people to contemporary art in a safe and inclusive way. This is another layer of 3,5% Over Generations as the artists invite participation in the expressions they themselves use.

*3.5% is a counter-reaction to the white norm that prevails in contemporary art; by highlighting a different view, the concept challenges the homogeneous perspective that still governs the art scene today.

The fourth exhibition

In the fourth exhibition, colour and form will flow organically throughout the exhibition space, surrounding the visitor with warmth and creativity in FOLK’s art space Ateljé SKHLM. If you walk closer, you will discover details that rattles you, bringing your mind back to the harsh reality. In the exhibition, you will encounter magnificent works that has their starting point in the two artists’ artistic expressions and then growing into each other. 

One work will be ongoing during the exhibition period and will be created together with the artists and young people in the area. The opening of the collective work will also take place on the last day of the exhibition.

The exhibition runs from 1-26 February 2023.

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1 feb – 26 feb


FOLKs ateljé in Stockholm
Bredholmstorget 4, 127 48 Skärholmen

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Art curator

Sarah Tawiah Svärd

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The artists

Shora Dehnavi

Her expression is rooted in mural painting and she often works in repetitive and organic patterns.

“My creation is a repetitive process. I am caught in and by the repetition. Patterns, movements and figures recur. From drawing strokes for hours to laying 15,000 beads.”

Shora has been working as an artist since 2012 and has created several public works, participated in exhibitions and produced works for commercial activities, such as advertisements and music videos. Her work captures the viewer in organic patterns and shapes where time stands still yet is constantly changing.

“Both the comfort and the discomfort lie in the fact that it never ends, that everything continues as it always has. Security becomes uncomfortable when we stay in it because it is comfortable. I often think about the human capacity to adapt; my mother’s journey from an regular family life in Iran, the difficult escape though Pakistan to million-dollar projects with nine-to-five jobs in Sweden.”

Saadia Hussain

Her expression often consists of patterns and shapes that are broken up to create new forms, extent from smaller works to large-scale murals.

“Saadia carries a duality within her, her homeland and her motherland. The themes she touches on in her art revolve around home and identity, about losing and finding, about the longing for belonging.”

Saadia has been working as an artist, educator and activist since 2009. She has created several public works, participated in art projects around the world and works at the Mångkultur centrum in Fittja. With her work she touches the viewer as well as the current shifts in the world.

“She illustrates the link between class and creativity and the effect of it. Through her activism and art, she connects people and creates processes where community and the collective power of art unite and change spaces and attitudes. She wants to make more complex and multi-layered narratives available to the public in public spaces”

In this way, she makes the complex and multi-layered narratives that are too rarely found in the public space visible.

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