What does it mean to have power, to take power, and to lose power?

POWERPLAY includes works by three students at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, each of whom treat the subject of power from a different perspective.

Through sculpture, drawing, film and performance, Rebecka Bebben Andersson explores her own fears about moving through the city, and how her patterns of movement change according to the time of day or night. Kristofer Hedberg investigates the prevailing hierarchies and power structures in society through his sculptural works. In a performance taking place during the opening, Liva Isakson examines our mutual dependence and how this dependence shuttles between the individual and society.

Can our positions within the power hierarchy be transformed through a change of perspective? Can we reclaim power by meeting our fears? This summer, we encourage you, as a visitor to Kulturhuset, to contribute to the discussion around power and to become a participant in the exhibition.

POWERPLAY in the Little Gallery is curated by Matilda Ekström, Annina Koskiola, Julia Lennartsson, Lisa Martin, Brynja Sveinsdottir and Sarah Tawiah-Svärd, students in the Curating Art programme at Stockholm University.

The exhibition continues on Screen, Kulturhuset’s digital art gallery.


20 June – 4 August 2013

Opening June 19, 5-7 pm

At 6pm and 7pm (at 7pm it is on the roof of Kulturhuset), Liva Isakson will perform her work “Packningslista Jordens Undergång” (Packing List for the Earth’s Downfall). Don’t miss it!