Artist Talk with Linda Sestrajcic

Linda Sestrajcic (b. 1989, Malmö) is a photo and video artist. Her work is documentary and exploration based, where social relations have a central role in the artistic design. The works consist of multi-layered documentation of human fate. In her work, the documentary and the imaginary meet, together they create an open pictorial language that contains existential, social and bodily issues. Linda is educated at the Umeå Academy of the Arts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She has exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts, Galleri Mejan and the Center for Photography in Stockholm, Galleri Poeten on the corner and Galleri Molekyl in Malmö and in the city center of Gävle.

Location/Opening hours

Feb 10th- Aug 28th 2022

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Art curator

Sarah Tawiah Svärd

“I find inspiration in coherence with others”

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