3,5% on Bångska våningen

The concept 3.5% is a counter-reaction to the whiteness norm that governs today’s art scene. By only working together with POC and NBPOC, artists and cultural practitioners, we take over a part of central Stockholm in a separatist narrative during the exhibition period.

For 23 days, 3,5% will fill the floor at Bångska with interesting contemporary artists who highlight a different perspective than the white. A perspective that is otherwise all too often missing in the Swedish diaspora despite all the conversations and reports about creating a diversity within the contemporary art scene.

By illuminating a different perspective, the exhibition shifts the focus from the otherwise homogeneous white perspective that still governs the art scene today.

Still in year 2019, diversity hardly exists in the Swedish art scene, despite the fact that the concept of diversity has been discussed endlessly since 2005. Visions have been written, investigations have been made, panel discussions have been held, but it is still the ethnic white Swede and their view that is overrepresented at the Stockholm art scene.

Since all these discussions, analyses and investigations have not allowed any structural change, the concept is watered down and the discussion becomes meaningless.

Ashik Zaman conducted a survey that was presented in the art magazine Konstnären, in which it appears that the most established galleries in Stockholm together represent 450 artists, of which only 16 * people are, (3.5%) – non-white people.

Art Curator: Sarah Tawiah Svärd

More info: Tawiah Art Curating & Consulting. info@tawiahcurating.com, 018-402090

The exhibition is carried out with support from the City of Stockholm.





19 Sep-12 Okt 2019

Bångska Våningen Stureplan 6, Vån 3 Ring på porttelefon (Bångska palatset)



Mån-Tis Stängt eller via bokning på info@tawiahcurating.com 


Epoetic photographic art work from the series Honest Portrait. Dians own body is sculptured into the photographic paper by pressing it against the photo paper while she has covered her body in photo liquid. The imprints are constantly changing, as they are not fixed after their creation, and to exhibit the works in natural light will eventually change their appearance.


colourful photographs portraits with warmth and love the diversity that creates the contemporary Swedish society. Through color and form, he creates a poetic pictorial language that accurately captures the essence of a contemporary Sweden of which we are all a part.


Th works consist of both video works Waryaa and the tapestry work Untitled sarong, they convey both together and separately the right to one’s representation in a white surrounding, to claim your space in the public sphere, to view and be seen on their own terms.


In a fine tuned manner the voice in the video work leads us on a journey about the subtle comments, gazes and gestures around us that creates an betweenship (a state of belonging in multiple places and in the same time not fitting in anywhere because of your mixed heritage and culture). Something that people who belong to the general norm will never understand. Gradually the voice and the intensity of the work increases in strength and speed, in order to assert its right to existence on your own terms.


ALEJANDRO MONTERO BRAVO expressive and dynamic installation is shown together with two canvases, the dialogue between them, the greatness of the installation which takes over the whole space in contrast to the exquisite canvases where the details evokes a  disturbing feeling that can draw your mind to ​​the dialogue that is taking place in our postcolonial society, the conversation about power, norms and the right to space.


In her paintings, we get captured by the repetitive organic forms that let your mind wander away from the minimalistic and rigid to the living and pulsating that requires its space. Her work is based on mural painting and when they are allowed to grow to its regular scale, no one goes unnoticed.


EMMA DOMINGUEZ´s refined video works Exli in combination with her macro photographs create a poetic image of the complex relationship that arises in an intermediate relationship. How can a place leave traces on our bodies? And what scars are witnesses to the violence of the society?


She invites us to the life of betweenship in the Norrland in her detailed and time-consuming watercolour paintings. The paintings depict scenes from the rural working-class home that she grew up in. Her work portray the complex relationship to the white environment that she was brought up in as adopted and racialised as well as the longing to find a home were one can fit in.


ALEM SOLOMON ‘s colourful and reflective collage is based on the public discussion concerning the perception of the normative ideal of beauty and stereotypes, which is the basis for the exotification that exists in today’s society


MI TJIO´s sculpture “Untitled” examines the three-dimensional shape in the unbleached cotton fabric. In her exploratory process, Tjio found the braiding as a means to connect the fabric and also create stability and shape. In the braiding process  Tjio found memories and references to her hair and childhood. The sculpture started with an exploration of form and material and landed in a reflection of culture and personal history.



In her incredibly fragile and fine-tuned work, the skin that we are so easily judged for is peeled off, under the color of the skin lays another structure that is not allowed to be judged, racialised or exotified. Using kombucha as a material, they create fascinating works that are reminiscent of organic skin both dried and living works.